2017 - 10 - 30

The cut-out photo board master/ 顔ハメ看板ニスト


2017/08/17 に公開
【The cut-out photo board master】
Tomoyuki Shioya started taking ‘your face here’ photos around 15 years ago, and now travels around Japan in search of cut-out photo boards.
He’s taken over 3,100 photos so far, and sometimes manages up to 20 shots in a single day.
The cut-out photo board industry is growing quickly these days – it’s cheap advertising and a great way to get featured on Instagram.
It’s a golden age for ‘your face here’ boards.
He hopes to keep taking these pictures until the age of 120.
He currently uses a 10-second camera timer for his photos, but is looking forward to seeing that timer get longer and longer as he ages and it takes more time to shove his face into the panel.
Shioya’s ‘your face here’ hobby has also become a book.
Search for ‘Deaps’ on social media to find his ‘your face here’ photos.

by Splash Film