2018 - 12 - 20

Sumida River Disco with a Mirror Ball Car


2018/12/09 に公開
From November 23 to 25, spectators were able to gaze at a large ‘mirror ball car’ at the art and music event ‘Sumida River Disco with a Mirror Ball Car’, which took place at the Sumida River Terrace. Designed by Tatsu Nishino, the ‘mirror ball car’, an actual car decorated with hundreds of small mirror fragments, turned into a dazzling artwork suspended by a crane. The rotating and light-reflecting piece of art was first displayed in 2013, but this year was the first time being exhibited above Sumida River.

This FY2018 Research Project for Promoting the Basic Policy for the Olympic and Paralympic Games was commissioned by the Cabinet Secretariat Headquarters of Japan for the Promotion of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Atrist information
Tatzu Nishi, who calls both Tokyo and Berlin home, produces large-scale installations for cities worldwide. He encloses famous sculptures with temporary walls and turns them into living rooms or hotels. By transforming these public places into private ones, the spectator’s concept of normality vanishes. During the Singapore Biennale 2011, Nishino created ‘ The Merlion Hotel’ featuring the island city-state’s famous Merlion statue.
Web: http://tatzunishi.net/

Sumida River Disco with a Mirror Ball Car
Nov 23 (Fri) - Nov 25 (Sun)Hours: 5pm-8pm
Sumida River Terrace (the vicinity of Azumabashi Pier), Sumida City Office Uruoi Plaza

1-23, Azumabashi, Sumida-ku
Asakusa Station

by Nice Brothers