2017 - 10 - 30

Portrait Creation System/似顔絵マシーン


2017/06/14 に公開
Ricco (artist)
In addition to creating illustrations for advertisements, packages, music videos and magazines,she started the Fuwari Wedding project together with fellow artist Govo a few years ago.
Their performance features a ‘caricature machine’ that draws portraits in one minute, and has been put into action at many events, shops and wedding ceremonies mainly in Tokyo.
Several thousand people have had their portraits drawn for a mere ¥500.
As the machine can also draw based on photographs, showing it a picture of a family member, friend or pet makes it possible for them to appear in the portrait with you.
Ricco’s imaginary, cutesy world and sparkly colours have appeared in a wide range of media, while her 2010 iPhone app, ‘Ricco’, made it to the top of the Japanese App Store’s entertainment section. The current version of the app is called Ricco 2.
She spends her days drawing and having fun

Portrait Creation System HP : www.fuwariwedding.com 
instagram : ricco.co 
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