2017 - 10 - 30

Make sure not to slip! | Fukiware Falls: Niagara of the East


2017/05/15 に公開
Known as the ’Niagara of the East’, the 30m wide and 7m tall Fukiware Falls were designated a Natural Monument of Japan in 1936.
The name comes from the splashes of water that rise up from the falls and ‘blow’ (‘fuki’) the surface of the river below into parts (‘ware’).
The power of the water, flowing from beneath rocks as if the ground had been torn apart, is a true sight to behold.
The basin of the falls is very close, so be extremely careful not to slip and fall in!

Around two hours by car from Tokyo. Take the R120 from the Numata IC on the Kan-Etsu Expressway and drive towards Nikko for 30 minutes.

Music : Staring at the Valley / Youtube Audio Library

Tonemachi Okkai, Numata-shi, Gunma

by Nice Brothers