2018 - 05 - 03

Eraser stamp artist


2018/01/01 に公開
Eraser stamp artist Tomoko Tsukui
Eraser stamp artist.Started creating eraser stamps at age 15.
After graduating from university in 2003, she started selling made-to-order eraser stamps online and at events under the Shokado name.

In 2005, she published a book on eraser stamps and started appearing in media, doing workshops etc, instructing others on how to make and use eraser stamps. She pioneered a trend and contributed to the birth of an all-new genre.

Recently she has been making eraser stamp illustrations and product designs, even working with hotel interiors and the sides of ships, pursuing the limits of her art while writing essay-style comics. She also spends time in the hot springs of Atami and enjoys her life with cats.


by hg73