2017 - 10 - 30

beeteat / gibier & curry restaurant


2017/05/23 に公開
The owner of Beeteat goes up to the mountains herself to hunt for deer, boar, bear and other animals, and then serves the meat at her restaurant.
She also grows her own vegetables and buys mainly organic, natural wine and sake.
You can have curry for lunch, while wild game is on the menu at night.

Address: Kitami Jouwa Heights B1F

Lunch 12noon-3pm (last orders 2.30pm), dinner 6.30pm-10pm (9.30pm)
Thursday 6.30pm-10pm (last orders 9pm)

Open : Friday-Monday
Closed Tue, Wed

9-2-18 Kitami, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Kitami Station

by Splash film