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2016/08/05 に公開
contemporary space
Informations of the places (not in Video, on the site) Shops name and category, address, telephone (if neccesary) maybe web site is better no? And maybe station name.

ANDO GALLERY opened in Kiyozumi-Shirakawa near the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo in 2008. Through project exhibitions and publications, ANDO GALLERY features emerging young artists as well as established contemporary artists from Japan and abroad. Among the represented artists are Katsura Funakoshi, Ken Nakazawa, Ricarda Roggan, Aoi Sasai, Seiya Shinotsuka, Alexander Tinei and Shonah Trescott.

The building has been constructed by refurbishing a vine-covered old storehouse, and its environment offers viewers a one on one experience with artworks. Ando Gallery seeks and transmits the art of a new age together with artists of our time.

3-3-6 Hirano Koto-ku Tokyo
Kiyozumi Shirakawa Station

by Ophelie & Fanny