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Amazing JIRO | Paint makeup beyond your wildest dreams


2018/01/16 に公開
【About Amazing JIRO】
After graduating Tokyo University of the Arts, he started special effects makeup and established a company, JUR Co., Ltd. Currently, he works in varieties of fields beyond special effects makeup and molding, such as in video industry including movie, drama, TV commercial, and also in advertising, event, fashion and much more. His rich expression
based on his unique philosophy and firm skill' is bringing attention as a reformer and gaining a reputation within and outside the Japan. After winning 2 championships at TV TOKYO’s TV CHAMPION Special Effects Makeup Artists Championship, he became a certified champion. He was also introduced as one of the "Make-up Around the World: The Global Family of Artists" on the Make-up Magazine, which is read in more than 70 countries. In recent
years, he is making a significant contribution as a creative director and leading the projects with his design and super-vision. He disseminates creation with cutting-edge painting skill,and his flexible imagination and high-quality work
are fascinating people around the world.

Paint makeup is a technique that uses paints to draw on human face and body With a brush. It is often used for party or character makeup but it was not considered to be used for expressing Visual tricks. Adding JIRO'S inherent skill in art and idea on the classic paint makeup, he has produced surprising creation. It is no exaggeration to say that he provoked a revolution by over-coming boundaries of preexisting common sense and genres.(from ‘Amazing JIRO – Special Makeup –‘)

This video features actress Ayaka Komatsu playing the role of paint makeup model for Play Tokyo.

She transforms into a terrifying monster in just an hour!


▶Jiro’s first artist book "Amazing JIRO -SPECIAL MAKEUP-"

▶CONTACT: art@shanic-maiyel.tokyo

Model Ayaka Komatsu


by Nice Brothers